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My mother’s stories and memories of my grandparents are enchanting. The family’s joys, sufferings and lessons learnt in life are decisive for me.

But we do not always listen attentively when our parents or grandparents tell their stories. Sometimes it’s a little boring when they repeat themselves. But time will come when we will no longer hear their voices.

And it’s not only our grandparents' or mothers’ memories that are so important. Everyone has a story.

I use my filmmaking experience to keep these stories alive.

With this work we explore the past through conversations and hopefully show the way to the present generation with the stories we record.

Your family stories are also important!

About Us

Visontai Stúdió Visontai Stúdió
My name is Attila Visontai. I am a director and cameraman. I started my career 30 years ago. During this time I created many documentaries and tutorial films.

My favourite films are those I made about my mother, my brother, and last but not least, the football genius Albert Flórián, as a director and cameraman.

In addition to these works, as a news cameraman, I filmed reports on the Romanian Revolution and the Yougoslavian War.
Today I work mainly as a cameraman for Hungarian Television.
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  • Production of instructional films from screenplay to finished film
  • Interview recording
  • Making portrait films
  • Recording events
  • Photo digitization

We are a small team of professionals: Cameramen, cutters and reporters. We have all worked for TV productions and use professional equipment. However, to maintain an intimate atmosphere for the family interviews and to be able to work in small locations we also use smaller (but also professional) cameras.

Fel a lap tetejére!