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The Forester

● posted by Visontai Attila, 29th February, 2016, 09:40:58

Our documentary on forestry was one of the major works completed last year. The purpose of “The Forester” was to introduce the profession to the youth facing career choice. Our aim was to present an honest portrayal of forestry as a vocation. It is important for us that the prospective students get to know the different aspects of the profession.
During production, experts Gergely Lomniczi, Ferenc Rónai and György Szabó provided great help to us.
Shooting took 6 months with HD technology.  The different fields of forestry were presented by skilled and dedicated foresters in a conversational form. To illustrate the areas mentioned, pictures were shown through the discussions. The time spent at the locations as well as in the studio gave lots of positive impressions regarding this beautiful profession, the kindness and the ready-to-help attitude of the people involved.

Albert Flórián

posted by Visontai Attila [2016-03-01 09:37:46] A film about the only Hungarian with a Ballon d’Or building on more than 40 interviews and unseen archive footage, available on YouTube under the title “Albert Flórián”. The sportsman is praised by his fellow colleagues, such as Dragan Dzajic or Franz Beckenbauer, while on the national level he is being acclaimed by Gyula Grosics, Kálmán Mészöly, Antal Dunai and many others. Additionally, excellent actors and musicians also celebrate Flórián Albert, the football legend .[...]
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The founder of Studio Visontai, Attila Visontai is in the video and television business for 30 years.

During the years he has made several hundreds of agricultural, educational, reference and newsreel pieces as a filmmaker.
As a cameraman he took part in the portrayal of the East European regime changes at the end of the twentieth century. He provided coverage from the battlefields of Yugoslavia and Moldavia, capturing horror and beauty on film.

His life revolves around his work and vocation.
He also produced television documentaries on artists and interesting people.
He manages Studio Visontai with a line of external colleagues, forming a powerful team when it comes to solving tasks requiring expertise.
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