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Dear Visitor,

Welcome to the webpage of VISONTAI STUDIO.

If making an educational film, a short movie, a documentary or a commercial is among your intentions, you are at the right place. The staff of Visontai studio offers cinematography, editing, directing, organization and all relevant technical tasks related to film production.

Our mini, even one-person LiveU crew solves your problem if you would like to provide fast mobile live broadcast to a tv studio or to an event. We use state of the art equipment or the most cost effective solutions if that is your wish. During post production we perform editing, cutting, sound mixing, subtitling and archiving.

Choose the experience and expertise of Visontai studio.

Visontai Stúdió, LiveU felvétel
  • LiveU service (cameraman, camera, LiveU unit) on all types of events.
  • Live streaming in collaboration with Infoteka Ltd., providing a complete LiveU crew
    (cameraman/LiveU technician, camera, LiveU unit)
  • educational film production from script to finished film
  • broadcasting and event coverage
  • cameraman services
  • camera rental: AG-HPX301E P2 HD, Panasonic AG-HPX170 P2 HD
  • video post-production
  • titling, subtitling


  • We work with experts in all formats recognized by the television industry (4K, HD)
  • Steadycam with cameraman
  • Jimmy jib with controller

Post-production, editing:

  • Edius 7
The founder of Studio Visontai, Attila Visontai is in the video and television business for 30 years.

During the years he has made several hundreds of agricultural, educational, reference and newsreel pieces as a filmmaker.
As a cameraman he took part in the portrayal of the East European regime changes at the end of the twentieth century. He provided coverage from the battlefields of Yugoslavia and Moldavia, capturing horror and beauty on film.

His life revolves around his work and vocation.
He also produced television documentaries on artists and interesting people.
He manages Studio Visontai with a line of external colleagues, forming a powerful team when it comes to solving tasks requiring expertise.
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